Awaken Joy

Heal your body. Heal your mind. Heal your soul.

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 Awaken Joy: Return to your heart - a series of three books will be available in stages - volumes one, two and three. 

            Available now are the following:

    AWAKEN JOY – Return to your heart, Volume One     
                            - The short and condensed version of Volume Two in an easy to follow
                              format which is much less intense than the web site. The basic 
                             foundation in a simple format. 
                            Approximately 150 pages.     

I originally put all subjects into volume one but have since split them up into smaller booklets because not all subject apply to everyone. So here they are in smaller form -

    Reducing Depression

    Basics III - (available but being revised)

     How New Skills Helped Me to Live Again

    Helping to Prevent Suicide - (available but being revised).

These books are also available on Kindle through                        

                    Links to follow

AWAKEN JOY – Return to your heart, Volume One     

Reducing Depression

How New Skills Helped Me to Live Again

Basics III

Helping to Prevent Suicide (Kindle edition)

Coming up:

             Volume Two - The long version of the book, including my story, the steps I followed and details of those steps as well as other useful information. Approximately 250-300 pages.

                            In the process of being completed.

Volume Three - The Resource Guide which is almost 600 pages of resources covering various subjects.

                               Being completed at this time.

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